i've been doing a horrible job of updating my blog with things that have been going on.
ah! but yes, there are many things going on and I will try my best posting about them.

things happenin':
  • got my first job at a marshalls
  • leo and i will be having our apartment warming party soon
  • i cleaned out my closet/room and will try selling it
  • we need to fix up our thrifted furniture


The very hungry caterpillars

since i was a small kid, i always found insects very fascinating. i was an only child and never really had anyone to play with, therefore, my backyard became the explore center to me. the only bug that i am not fond of are spiders but everything else sits fine with me. it's very interesting how smart insects are and the amazing ways in which they have evolved.

while working with the non-profit organization, the executive director was giving away plants. i decided to get a passion vine just because i wanted a plant to look after. but i happened to be a bad plant owner and took quite a while to finally plant it in the ground.

one day, my smaller sibling spotted a caterpillar and i was so intrigued that i had to research it! it was pretty big and had been eating the leaves of my plant. after a few weeks i never saw it again but i was able to see a butterfly!

I was able to find new eggs on the leaves and a few days ago there were two new caterpillars. i really don't mind them eating my plant away. i'm actually happy i am able to provide food. i just hope they won't eat it all. i keep seeing the beautiful adult butterfly.

this caterpillar/butterfly is called Gulf Fritillary caterpillar and obviously its larval food is the passion vine.



well the title is "re-introduction" due to the fact that i had made a previous post introducing myself but it was kinda lame and i decided to delete it!

my name is nancy

and i just figured out how to do an about me which is here!